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Friday, November 12, 2010

i dOn nOe..i feel damn helpless..drOwning..breathless..CONFUSED!!!

sumtimes i feel so high..but sumtimes i feel like...urghhhh! i don noe how to express it in words...yeah! feelings can't b expressed through words..huh! but its da bez way anyway..u can't jz keep it 2 urself! if u do dat..u'll b insane..huh! sakit nya ati! ntah la..i don noe how to express it anymore...u don noe wat i think..wat i feel inside..though u've been asking 'SOALAN STANDARD' daily...

i have to face dis 'DAILY FEELING' everyday..WTH! y i jz can't get rid of dis 'DAILY FEELING'? really hurts me!!! everytime i listened to a hillsong ~BAPA YG KEKAL~ i felt so calm..dats y everytime when im in dis situation or feeling i'l listen to hillsongs especially dat song s mentioned b4...mcm skema jk..but dats da fact..try la if u feel dat ur life sucks! hehe..

hmm..back 2 da story..myb u never noticed wat happened to me cz u r way too far from me..huh! again..DISTANCE IS AN OBSTACLE..i hate distance! makes our life misserable..full of misseries! bcz of distance i noe u..but distance also can't help me to 4get u if @#$*&...cz ur a 'boy jz next door' n i'l owez c u..y?! hmm..myb i sounded immature..myb i sounded childish..watever it is larr...

huh! wat i need now is peace..n oso FAITH, HOPE & LOVE! so..live a healthy lifestyle! huhuw..apa ka? maka xda knak mengenak da juak..angol na jua palak ku! dh la brapa x ckup tdo..dtg gk mslh..nng sakit ati sakit badan sakit rmbut..eyh! apa ka rmbut ndah..jz arap la nya fhm..im giving u hints everyday n i don noe if u understand all da hints given to u..ssh kn if PJJ? PERHUBUNGAN JARAK JAUH...huhuw..

moral of da story..try not to get involve in unnecessary things n feelings cz they will make ur life full of sorrows..though no one can sees it with their naked eyes but da truth is u r MERANA! don beware of depression as it may harm ur life and affect ur studies..talk to sum1 dat really close to u..o jz write down anything dat can express ur feelings n thoughts!!

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