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Monday, November 15, 2010

cOunTiNg mY dAyS tO c mY hOmeLaNd..

hmm..its been about 5 months i left my beloved homeland..hmm..mesti byk perubahan..tp scra mikro la..i don think drastic changes will be done by swak government drastically..huh! in my dreams..haha..taib oh taib..when r u goin to step down from ur post? ish..apa ka kena mngena taib in my blog?! shuh! shuh! go away..haha..

back to my story..i miss la laksa swak..kolo mi swak..kueh chap..toink2..hehe..sdap..hm..its ok! a few days left..jz b patient my tummy..hehe..da 1st thing i'll do after i get in my dad's car is heading to siang2 batu 7 to get some laksa swak n tapau some kolo mi! huh! rakus nya aku..haha..ini lah akibatnya lama x mkn those food..hehe..if not jz go to my grandpa's house somewhere in BDC n have my dinner there..mcm biasa la..bawak muka x malu p mkn rmh org..hahah..

talking bout my grandpa' house, tba2 i terigtkn ashley..my beloved cute cousin..she jz celebrated her 1st bfday on da 6th nov..huhuw..how could they celebrated her bfday without me?! so sad..i bet she must be a very noty girl at her age now..haha..dh melalui proses 'ngedah'..panjat memanjat..abis la brg2 nenek aku..ish2..cie..cie..dats her nickname..cute rite? no more kreta sorong 4 her cz she's able to make some moves on her own. i hope she noes how to walk b4 xmas..hehe..

cie is holding da bottle of liqour..hehe..mo try ka ni?

pndai nya..pegang botol..mo celen aunty dia la ni..

hmm...da pics above make me wanna go back swak now! huhuw..go back to kpg n c my BOBOY..but my BOBOY is not at da kpg..he's workin! hahaha..can't wait to c my dog n cats! miz 'em..do i have to mention all da chickens kt blkg rmh tu? hahahah..no need la kn chicken2 tu..hehe..u guys will b slaughtered utk xmas ni..hihihihi...

xmas is comin soon..wish dat da comin xmas is full of joy n happiness..let da sorrows wash away by time..

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