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Sunday, November 7, 2010


finally...after few days ur gOne withOut a trace...i finally found u n i feel so high! im so gay now! hey! gay dOes nOt Only refers tO hOmOsexual! gay alsO means HAPPY! u dOn believe me? try tO search in da dic. hehe..y am i sO gay?! as stated earlier...i finally fOund n cOntact wif sOmeOne dat i've been waiting fOr these few days...da lOng wait really tOrtured my heart...

i hate tiredness...tiredness has retarded Our conversatiOn jz nOw...huh! but..yet..i still x blame him cz his jOb needs his cOmmitment...hmm..dat is One Of da risks dat i have tO face when tO have relatiOnship with sOmeOne dat is wOrking n nOt a student like we dO...but his maturity has inspired me tO mOve On n tO appreciate my life...

wat dO we need in LOVE?
and of course

i've made a step 4ward jz nOw as i tOld him nOt tO 4get tO text me everyday thOugh he's busy with his jOb...to avOid wOrriness in me..is dat a step which i shOuld be prOud Of? hahaha..i never ask him tO dO sumthing..cz im i think he knOws wat he suppOse tO dO..

jz hOpping dat Our relatiOnship can gO futher than nOw cz he's a nice guy i ever met...pOliteness n myb handsomeness have captivated me tO like him! awesOme feelings...dOn feel annOyed with da way i expressed my feelings cz u r da One dat chOse tO read my blOg..hehe..

* read wat is written On da pOster..

                ~thanx cz wanna read 'em..thOugh a lil bit mencarut..hahaha..~

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