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Monday, November 15, 2010

cOunTiNg mY dAyS tO c mY hOmeLaNd..

hmm..its been about 5 months i left my beloved homeland..hmm..mesti byk perubahan..tp scra mikro la..i don think drastic changes will be done by swak government drastically..huh! in my dreams..haha..taib oh taib..when r u goin to step down from ur post? ish..apa ka kena mngena taib in my blog?! shuh! shuh! go away..haha..

back to my story..i miss la laksa swak..kolo mi swak..kueh chap..toink2..hehe..sdap..hm..its ok! a few days left..jz b patient my tummy..hehe..da 1st thing i'll do after i get in my dad's car is heading to siang2 batu 7 to get some laksa swak n tapau some kolo mi! huh! rakus nya aku..haha..ini lah akibatnya lama x mkn those food..hehe..if not jz go to my grandpa's house somewhere in BDC n have my dinner there..mcm biasa la..bawak muka x malu p mkn rmh org..hahah..

talking bout my grandpa' house, tba2 i terigtkn ashley..my beloved cute cousin..she jz celebrated her 1st bfday on da 6th nov..huhuw..how could they celebrated her bfday without me?! so sad..i bet she must be a very noty girl at her age now..haha..dh melalui proses 'ngedah'..panjat memanjat..abis la brg2 nenek aku..ish2..cie..cie..dats her nickname..cute rite? no more kreta sorong 4 her cz she's able to make some moves on her own. i hope she noes how to walk b4 xmas..hehe..

cie is holding da bottle of liqour..hehe..mo try ka ni?

pndai nya..pegang botol..mo celen aunty dia la ni..

hmm...da pics above make me wanna go back swak now! huhuw..go back to kpg n c my BOBOY..but my BOBOY is not at da kpg..he's workin! hahaha..can't wait to c my dog n cats! miz 'em..do i have to mention all da chickens kt blkg rmh tu? hahahah..no need la kn chicken2 tu..hehe..u guys will b slaughtered utk xmas ni..hihihihi...

xmas is comin soon..wish dat da comin xmas is full of joy n happiness..let da sorrows wash away by time..

Friday, November 12, 2010

i dOn nOe..i feel damn helpless..drOwning..breathless..CONFUSED!!!

sumtimes i feel so high..but sumtimes i feel like...urghhhh! i don noe how to express it in words...yeah! feelings can't b expressed through words..huh! but its da bez way anyway..u can't jz keep it 2 urself! if u do dat..u'll b insane..huh! sakit nya ati! ntah la..i don noe how to express it anymore...u don noe wat i think..wat i feel inside..though u've been asking 'SOALAN STANDARD' daily...

i have to face dis 'DAILY FEELING' everyday..WTH! y i jz can't get rid of dis 'DAILY FEELING'? really hurts me!!! everytime i listened to a hillsong ~BAPA YG KEKAL~ i felt so calm..dats y everytime when im in dis situation or feeling i'l listen to hillsongs especially dat song s mentioned b4...mcm skema jk..but dats da fact..try la if u feel dat ur life sucks! hehe..

hmm..back 2 da story..myb u never noticed wat happened to me cz u r way too far from me..huh! again..DISTANCE IS AN OBSTACLE..i hate distance! makes our life misserable..full of misseries! bcz of distance i noe u..but distance also can't help me to 4get u if @#$*&...cz ur a 'boy jz next door' n i'l owez c u..y?! hmm..myb i sounded immature..myb i sounded childish..watever it is larr...

huh! wat i need now is peace..n oso FAITH, HOPE & LOVE! so..live a healthy lifestyle! huhuw..apa ka? maka xda knak mengenak da juak..angol na jua palak ku! dh la brapa x ckup tdo..dtg gk mslh..nng sakit ati sakit badan sakit rmbut..eyh! apa ka rmbut ndah..jz arap la nya fhm..im giving u hints everyday n i don noe if u understand all da hints given to u..ssh kn if PJJ? PERHUBUNGAN JARAK JAUH...huhuw..

moral of da story..try not to get involve in unnecessary things n feelings cz they will make ur life full of sorrows..though no one can sees it with their naked eyes but da truth is u r MERANA! don beware of depression as it may harm ur life and affect ur studies..talk to sum1 dat really close to u..o jz write down anything dat can express ur feelings n thoughts!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


finally...after few days ur gOne withOut a trace...i finally found u n i feel so high! im so gay now! hey! gay dOes nOt Only refers tO hOmOsexual! gay alsO means HAPPY! u dOn believe me? try tO search in da dic. hehe..y am i sO gay?! as stated earlier...i finally fOund n cOntact wif sOmeOne dat i've been waiting fOr these few days...da lOng wait really tOrtured my heart...

i hate tiredness...tiredness has retarded Our conversatiOn jz nOw...huh! but..yet..i still x blame him cz his jOb needs his cOmmitment...hmm..dat is One Of da risks dat i have tO face when tO have relatiOnship with sOmeOne dat is wOrking n nOt a student like we dO...but his maturity has inspired me tO mOve On n tO appreciate my life...

wat dO we need in LOVE?
and of course

i've made a step 4ward jz nOw as i tOld him nOt tO 4get tO text me everyday thOugh he's busy with his jOb...to avOid wOrriness in me..is dat a step which i shOuld be prOud Of? hahaha..i never ask him tO dO sumthing..cz im i think he knOws wat he suppOse tO dO..

jz hOpping dat Our relatiOnship can gO futher than nOw cz he's a nice guy i ever met...pOliteness n myb handsomeness have captivated me tO like him! awesOme feelings...dOn feel annOyed with da way i expressed my feelings cz u r da One dat chOse tO read my blOg..hehe..

* read wat is written On da pOster..

                ~thanx cz wanna read 'em..thOugh a lil bit mencarut..hahaha..~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 doors down - here without you


i've been waiting fOr few days but u never appeared..wat can i dO? myb i hve nO rite tO say dat tO u..
waiting fOr u have drive me crazY..but i still manage tO stabilize with my studies..hate dis feeling..hOw tO resist frOm an unwanted feeling like dis?! da cure fOr dis sickness is Only da One dat cause da ill..

i can't breathe easy..can't sleep at nite till ur by myside..no..i can't breathe easy..i can dream yet anOther dream withOut u lying next tO me there's nO air..
 *chOrus frOm BLUE'S sOng~ BREATHE EASY~

Friday, November 5, 2010


when i keep in tOuch wif u..i feel like im in heaven...hOwever..i feel like there's sumthing wrOng if i x cOntact u 4 a day..i feel like there's sumthing missing..i can't express da feelings..i dOn nOe wat i can dO tO resist dis feeling thOugh u n me nOe da truth between da 2 Of us..i never thOught dat we will gO dis far..hate tO admit dat u r da One dat i Owez think Of..i dOn nOe hOw tO tell u..i think u nOe wat im trying tO tell u..but its jz dat im toO shy tO say Out my feelings tOward u..y?! u r Owez by my side when im nOt in a goOd moOd..u r Owez beside me when i need sum1 tO talk wif...

i feel cOmfOrtable when i talk tO u..i feel relieve when i express wat stuck On my mind..u r a goOd listener..maybe bcOz of age factOr..hey! im nOt saying dat u r Old..jz few yrs Older me..hehe...its jz dat u r mature n i lOve to share stOries wif u..u've given me da spirit tO enjOy my life..u've given me goOd advices which i never thOught Of..u have given me many things..however..ur 'busy'ness drives me crazy cz i x have da chance tO talk tO u..i hve tO wait fOr few days..hmm..really challenges my feelings n heart..shoOt! i need u rite now..i need to talk tO u..but i cant dO anything! helpless!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

all soul's day...



today..da 2nd day of november is da all soul's day...day 2 pray for all da souls dat had risen 2 da death..let's pray for them cz they need our prayer...pray for our family members who have been called 2 da death due 2 sicknesses, murdered or accidents..pray also 4 whom died bcoz of natural disasters...though we don even noe 'em...there's nothing wrong to pray for those u don noe cz jesus christ died on da cross 4 his people which he never met...we also pray for da volunteers dat volunteered to help da victims of natural disasters, wars n so forth but killed in their mission due to certain circumstances...n not 2 forget JESUS CHRIST His only son..who have been crucified on da cross for our sins...



Monday, November 1, 2010

gOsH!!! wheRe R uR gUtS 2 teLL dA tRuTh?!!!

i nOe dat ur hiding sumthing frOm me...i can c it frOm ur face..thOugh u didn't say it Out but i can read it frOm ur face n ur eyes..dats da pOwer Of lOve? i said lOve?! damn L.O.V.E.!!!! nO One expected tO be lOved n tO love sumbOdy..


da wOrd itself has universal meanings..hOw tO lOve sumbOdy if u x lOve urself? appreciate thOse whO LoVE U cz these persOns will lOve u mOre than da persOns u lOve...


hatred?! wat will cOme acrOss ur mind if u see da wOrd HATRED?! a feeling dat exists when sumbOdy brOke ur heart n hurts u..then a feeling called HATRED appeared..usually sumbOdy u lOve will leave da mOst unremoveable stains On ur heart when it comes tO hatred..hatred presents when he O she betrayed ur believe upon him O her which u have given with Ol ur heart..each n every mOment u were with him O her will Owez get stuck On ur mind. but da truth is~OppOsites ur hatred tOwards him O her..LOVE DOES STILL EXISTS!!! u cant resist da feeling! believe me..da mOre ur trying tO avOid him O her..da mOre LOVE expanded in ur heart..